How to Book Cheap Hotels? 7 tricks to gain the cheapest hotel room prices possible!

It’s easy to spoil your travel budget by offering full-priced accommodations. Want to know some useful tips on how to book cheap hotels? These tips can really help you save your money on hotel rooms so you can spend your hard-earned money on something memorable.

Choose a Different Neighborhood

It is usually more expensive to stay in the heart of the city. Save some money by staying away from the city center, but close to public transportation for easy access to the city center.

Request a Corner Room

Choosing a corner room usually gets more square feet for the same price. But getting a corner room isn’t easy. If you are looking to upgrade to a corner room, be patient, don’t create panic, avoid questioning when a lot of guests are waiting for a welcome. It can create havoc in the hotel so try to remain calm.

Find Business Hotels

Business hotels can offer great deals, especially when traveling within Europe. This is because businesses are often slow during the summer months and on weekends in hotels that cater to business travelers, which can lead to lower prices.

Reserving a Room in a New Property

Booking a room in a new hotel, can sometimes lead to lower prices. It is usually observed that booking a room in a new hotel saves a lot of money because at this time hotels generally look forward to increasing their business and spreading the word, which often leads to amazing discounts and savings.

Mention when It is a Special Occasion

Whether it’s your birthday, anniversary or honeymoon it never hurts to mention that you are there celebrating a special moment. Many times hotels give offers to customers at such occasions and it can lead to some upgrades or combinations of amenities that can make your stay even more special.

Follow the Rule of Opposites

Choosing “opposites” – booking the opposite of what the majority will do. The hotels in business districts offer great deals on the weekends, while tourist districts on the weekdays. So, choose your hotel accordingly to save your money.

look out What Benefits your Credit Card Offers

Most credit cards like Discover and Capital One Venture provide travelers with everything from cashback to reward points or miles. That’s why it is suggested checking out what your credit card can offer, in addition to the rewards programs that hotels offer.

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