Travel Domestically During Covid 19

Tips If You Have to Travel Domestically During Covid 19

Recently, the nation is undergoing strenuous circumstances due to a deadly disease, Covid 19. It has put the entire economy in a small box all over. Various services were stopped, including travel or air services. However, the strict restrictions or decisions in enact became one of the best and first step measures of protection from Covid 19.

There was a complete restriction on traveling for about more than two months during such a critical phase. However, travel domestically during covid 19 has been started under the unlocks’ phases, but the resumption does not mean that we must begin to go back to the old norms of deadly Covid 19.

Travel domestically during covid 19 is as risky as it was during Corona’s early stages. It increases the chance of getting and spreading this disease. However, if you have to travel domestically during covid 19 urgently, you must prepare yourself to be a Covid 19 fighter with some crucial guidelines.

This guide is a must to read for all the passengers willing to travel domestically during covid 19. The reading of this piece of information will let you know how to have a safe journey during this pandemic period.

Know the Best Tips If You Have to Travel Domestically During Covid 19

Before You Travel

Generally, our traveling is pre-decided. Thus it becomes necessary for us to plan and prepare before. However, some severe and special preparations are required when you have to travel domestically during covid 19. It demands your extra care and awareness for every safety measure. Know what necessary preparations you must do before your travel.

1. Covid Test - Protect Yourself and Others

Take a Covid Test first before putting the feet out of your place to travel domestically during covid 19. This is necessary to be sure that your health is good to travel. Moreover, do not think that you are fine until you undergo a check-up because people with no Covid 19 symptoms are also affected. Your ill-health may cause severe and rapid spread of the disease to people seated beside you.

2. Not to Miss Packing – Get Your Essentials Handy

While packing your luggage, make sure you have put a pack of face-masks or face shields, sanitizers, and sufficient gloves. In addition to this, keeping tissue papers with you will be a bonus to your packing. All these things are the necessary precautionary measures of Covid that protect you from coming in direct contact with anything.

3. Domestic Travel Guidelines - Keep on Finger Tips

Ensure you keep a copy of Domestic Travel Guidelines for air travels and read it carefully before you step out of your home. It helps you travel domestically during covid 19 because many rules and procedures at the airports are changed. Also, the guidelines that WHO has published are a must to read before you plan for a tour or before flight booking.

4. Awareness of Destination Status – Stop Your Feet Running to Covid 19

Generally, this is true that protection is always better than cure. Hence, a person who has to travel domestically during covid 19 must be aware of the condition of the place in Covid 19 status. Change your travel plan immediately if you find the areas or places in alert or have many cases.

During Travel

A bag full of preparations is nothing when you go carelessly outside. Your safety goes hand to hand only when you have an excellent utilization of the resources or things you already have. In short, there is no use of previous tips when you do not take every step with care during the journey. If you don’t wish to play with your life while you travel domestically during covid 19, make sure you follow the tips hereafter:

  1. Cover your nose and mouth properly wearing a mask.
  2. Avoid rushing your feet in crowds to avoid infection.
  3. Maintain at least 1-2 meter distance while speaking to someone.
  4. Cough or sneeze with bent elbows or on a tissue to reduce germs spread in the air.
  5. Do not touch anything directly or with bared hands.
  6. Wash your hands regularly or as and when required.
  7. Use a good quality sanitizer or disinfectant gels to kill germs from hands and arms.
  8. Spray a germ killer on the outer covering of everything you shop on the way.
  9. Fend off touching eyes, nose, and mouth during travel.
  10. Keep distance if you find anyone ill surrounding.
  11. Do not touch surfaces that are frequently touched by people, or disinfect them first.
  12. Opt online or digital payment exchange rather than dealing in cash.

(In addition to all, if you feel like you are exposed to someone infected, avoid further travel)


The damage this critical Covid 19 period has made to the world or in a specific nation may take longer to recover than we think. However, the efforts we all can make can prevent the situations from going worst.

Taking all measures seriously in context to the safety when you plan to travel domestically during covid 19 will be of great help for you and others. Therefore this piece of information can aid to guide how you can prepare for your Safe Traveling.

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